Austria Quality Seal – Certified as an Austrian model company

After being certified, we were awarded the Austria Quality Seal by the OQA (Austrian Society for the Promotion of Quality) in 1994. The company management define quality according to the following criteria:

  • The company offers high-quality transport services. In doing so, we place top priority on reliability, consistent service, and optimal implementation for customers and carriers.
  • Combined with a necessary measure of flexibility, our implementation of this corporate philosophy gives us decisive competitive advantages.
  • Every effort is made to invest in state-of-the art telecommunications, equipment, and facilities (including maintenance), as well as in the selection and training of staff in order to be able to consistently offer this outstanding level of service.
  • Customer service is the highest priority in our company philosophy. This includes friendly staff, prompt completion of procedures, professional competence, and customized conditions.


Responsible parties are required to respond immediately to all complaints. Usually complaints will be handled by the transport dispatcher, the head of department, and ultimately by management.



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