Athletic sponsorship

For several years now, we have aimed to support young, talented, and motivated athletes from the province of Salzburg with an athletic sponsorship.

As a family business based in Salzburg, we see it as our duty to accompany young talents on their career path. We want to help them by being a strong partner in every way possible, including creating a foundation for them in the areas of sportswear, training possibilities, etc.

We do not limit ourselves to specific sports or to certain sports with mass appeal. Rather, we also intend to provide a bedrock for athletes in niche sports who have little financial support from the federal and provincial governments. We are currently active in tennis and paragliding.

Tennis in Austria
Ups and downs!

Tijana Zlatanovic

It has been a long time since the most successful Austrian tennis player of all time – Thomas Muster – won his titles. His last Grand Slam title dates from 1995, when Muster won the French open against the American Michael Chang in three sets. More than 20 years later, Dominic Thiem is still the greatest Austrian young talent. Right now, all hopes for a glorious future in Austrian tennis rest on his shoulders. With victories in some prestigious tournaments and his placement in the ranking of the top ten in the world, he could certainly be said to have already met these great expectations.

Promoting young talent

Talented young tennis players are nevertheless few and far between in Austria, which is why FERNFRACHT has been supporting the young athlete Tijana Zlatanovic with an athletic sponsorship and a contribution for sportswear purchases since 2012. Tijana was able to snag her first win in the adult category of this year’s Salzburg regional championship. In an exciting final, she came out cleanly on top against her opponent in two sets. We hope that many more will follow and we congratulate her most warmly! We wish Tijana all the best for her athletic future – perhaps we will soon be able to watch her on television at a major tournament!

Niche sports

Paul Steiner

Our sports promotion does not concentrate only on popular sports like football, tennis, or skiing, but also values supporting so-called niche sports like paragliding.

Here our focus is on 60-year-old Paul Steiner from Mattsee, who has been active in aviation sports for 33 years. He acquired his skydiving license in 1990 and has since done 6,200 jumps. He obtained his paragliding license in 2012, and has already completed over 1,700 flights of this kind as well, making this aviation sport his second go-to event.

High-altitude flights

Special highlights of his flying career were parachuting into the Do-X theater of the Scalaria Hotel in St. Wolfgang, doing a mid-flight switch from one glider to another, and landing on a hot air balloon by parachute. His highest parachute jump was from a hot air balloon 10,000 metres in the air and his lowest base jump was from a 170 metre-high cliff.

Paul Steiner describes paragliding as an addiction and a thrill. His greatest passion has since become his profession. What keeps him going is the challenge of always trying new things and pushing himself to his own personal limits, both physically and mentally.