International freight forwarding

As specialists in both partial and full load transport, we are naturally 100% committed to both customers and freight carriers. We transport both partial and full loads for international road transport in partnership with chartered subcontractors.

As a certified freight company, we continually strive for efficient planning of the flow of goods and of transport services. In doing so, we place top priority on reliability, consistent service and optimal implementation – not only for our customers, but also for our subcontractors. As an innovative company, we take advantage of opportunities for digitalisation to automate routine processes. Through decades of development of our IT landscape, we have created a healthy and fruitful basis for quickly implementing changes and integrating them in a user-friendly way. Our It-systems are updated, modernised and expanded on an almost daily basis in order to ensure the best possible conditions for the FERNFRACHT team. As a result, our services produce the highest possible customer satisfaction in both qualitative and economic respects.

Truck freight

As specialists in road transport, we continually receive top marks for quality of service.

Rail freight

Sustainable solutions within Europe save CO² and protect our planet.

Sea freight

We are well-connected globally and maintain good relationships with the world’s leading shipping companies.

Truck freight

Our FERNFRACHT network encompasses several thousand active subcontractors, but we do not maintain a private fleet. In addition to our regular contractors, whatever additional cargo space that is required is ordered through our FERNFRACHT network and on the open market. Our intelligent IT systems regulate cargo allocation to our premium contractors completely automatically via our FERNFRACHT platform. Fair and balanced partnerships with our subcontractors lead to high-quality and successful cooperation.

Flexibility and consistency

This combination gives us the highest possible flexibility to balance the increasing volatility of our customers’ and partners’ cargo volumes (seasonal variations, major projects, promotions, and economic fluctuations), which in turn allows us to provide consistently high quality services. Of course, all international loads (partial and full) are insured according to the provisions of the CMR.

Rail freight

Sustainable solutions within Europe are becoming increasingly popular due to the possibility of CO² reductions and are protecting our planet. By analysing the flow of goods and its associated logistics solutions, rail transport represents a valuable, efficient, and cost-saving alternative to truck transport.

As rail allows for higher capacity and less wear on roads, this is particularly advantageous when transporting large volumes and heavy goods. Moreover, rail transport can also reduce delivery times and improve the reliability of the supply chain. A combination of rail and road transport can also be an optimal solution for improving the sustainability and cost effectiveness of the supply chain.

Sea freight

We want to understand your needs and develop optimal sea freight solutions in cooperation with you. In so doing, we focus on sustainable concepts that contribute to the success of your company.

Global trade

We are globally well-connected and maintain good relationships with the world’s leading shipping companies. We continually strive to broaden our partnerships and work tirelessly to keep our digital tools “state of the art”. So we seek to take advantage of all opportunities to ensure the smooth transport of your shipments. Following your requirements profile, we organize Full-Container-Load (FCL), Less-than-Container-Load (LCL), and full project shipments to the destination port or to the reception location.

Logistics solutions

Many logistical challenges have to be overcome before the goods that are to be transported reach their recipient. The cycle of the logistics chain never seems to end. Usually, many different modes of transport are involved in logistics processes. Our project team helps you to create sustainable concepts that contribute to your corporate success. We guarantee to offer you the entire network of our partners for sea freight, customs clearance, rail freight, warehouse logistics, follow-up, and more. A customized project tool contains all the data needed to provide you with an up-to-date overview of logistics processes at all times.



IT solutions


Warehouse logistics


Project logistics


Container logistics


We offer many advantages to hauliers and guarantee the most efficient transport process possible through our innovative FERNFRACHT platform service. Join us on our way to a successful future and take advantage of our innovations!